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Audit Representation

A plan operation audit from the IRS or other government agency can cause employers high anxiety, as well as a number of logistical and liability problems. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can provide sound counsel and timely help during an audit.

Shaw Law represents corporate and nonprofit employers facing plan operation audits. With more than 25 years of experience representing employers in pension and 401(k) plan and tax-related matters, Denver pension and 401(k) plan operation audit lawyer Ralph W. Shaw provides comprehensive legal counsel and insights to help Colorado clients through the audit process.

Pension and 401(k) Plan Operation Audits

Plan operation audits often stem from employees’ 401(k) complaints, items reported on Form 5500 such as late contributions, or even random selection by a governmental agency: IRS, DOL or PBGC.

At Shaw Law, attorney Ralph W. Shaw represents pension and 401(k) plan sponsors in audits by the IRS, the Department of Labor and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. In plan operation audits, the firm handles all aspects of the interactions between the employer and the government, including:

  • Analyzing the reporting or operational issues
  • Correcting late filings
  • Negotiating with the government to minimize penalties

In many plan operation audits the issue is a mistake unwittingly made by the employer, without knowledge there was a violation of its fiduciary duties or federal law. Examples include borrowing from a pension or 401(k) plan or failing to comply with the latest required legal document amendments. Shaw Law negotiates with the government and helps clients minimize the fines and other damages that can result from these oversights.

Shaw Law has saved clients thousands of dollars in penalties for various violations of reporting rules, operational errors, unintentional breaches of fiduciary duty, and plan document errors.

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